It’s as if they weren’t even trying

When The Goon Sqaud was napping earlier, my Mom and I were looking through my atlas. We had just gone to see The Constant Gardener the other day, and we were trying to figure out where in Africa the movie took place.

Anyway, I came back here to look it up. As I was looking it up on Blingo (Alison has been winning stuff), I can hear my Mom cracking up in the living room. I go in there to see what is so funny. She says “You’ve got to see this flag”.

This is the flag she was laughing at.

“It’s as if they weren’t even trying”.

Poor Libya. But on the upside, it’s easy to draw, and fairly inexpensive to sew.

So if anyone was wondering why my sense of humor is so messed up, I come by it naturally.

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  1. Please tell me that the picture didn’t come out right. They can not possibly have just green on the flag, can they? If so, wow!

  2. That is what was cracking her up so much.

  3. Did anyone else go immediately to the NeoCounter to see if Libya has visited this blog? I did, and they haven’t. They must hate you as much as Japan.

  4. Well, with a solid green flag, can you blame them for being a little surly?

  5. I did too.

  6. Yeah, Libya hates me too.

  7. Speaking of flags and neocounter, what’s up with the question mark on Egypt’s flag?

  8. I got Japan! I got Japan!

  9. Great becky. Don’t rub out faces in it, eh?

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