Five more things that people have Googled and ended up here

1. bizarre holidays

2. twins belly picture

3. briantology

4. “barbara bush” (actually a technorati search)

5. sonogram photos 2005 august 31

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  1. sounds pretty tame compared to the messed up and disturbed search terms that led people to my site.

    i must be pathologically messed up as well to have the “words” their looking for!

  2. “twins belly picture?”

    What kind of sick, twisted, perverted, mongoloid is looking that up?


  3. So, umm, how did YOU guys end up here?

  4. i got here when i did a google search for “barbara bush belly picture”


  5. I followed the scent of hottie.

  6. Jamwall makes me nervous when he says things like that.

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