The Game

It was awful. I mean – we had a great time, and they had to open up the upper bowl because there were so many people there, but USF kicked our ass. The score ended up being 31 – 14, but believe me, it wasn’t that close.

This is me (half sneering/half laughing) with my nemesis, Lori. I spent most of the third quarter trading hate text messages with her. She seemed to have a problem with UCF’s “marching team”. (They must not teach music education at USF).

It was crazy at the stadium. We saw a ton of people. We saw my house mom from the sorority house. There were over 5000 UCF fans there, so we represented. They even had to open up the upper bowl at Raymond James Stadium, which is unheard of for a USF game.

Gabe hasn’t given me too hard of a time yet. But I know the trash talk will grow as next year’s game gets closer. He also said he was wearing a USF jersey to the UCF v Marshall game next weekend in Orlando. Hmmph. At least we had a good time.

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  1. The attendence was 45,139. It was either the largest or second largest (I saw both reported) crowd for a USF game. Also, I read that UCF represented to the tune of 10K. If only that many show up in Orlando for the Marshall game.

  2. Gabe said that he also saw that it was actually the second largest crowd.

  3. I would also like for it to be known that after I posted this, Gabe started making fun of my school AND my “marching team”. Apparently it was their tribute to Carlos Santana that is cracking up the USF people.

    Oh, and also one of our flag girls fell down.

    Okay, that is pretty funny.

  4. That’s ok. USF cheerleaders are obviously a bunch of drunks. Both Tammy and Gabe saw them “attempt” to make a pyramid, but they all fell. I’m sad I didn’t see that.

  5. Why didn’t they tell us? That would be something that you would want other people to see!

  6. From now on, if ANY of you see people falling down, will you please tell me?

  7. You look great!

  8. At least you did finally use the word “fiasco” to describe the event. As we were leaving the stadium I heard a UCF fan say “well, we lost, but it certainly wasn’t because we didn’t drink enough beer”. Got to love the attitude.

  9. I can certainly attest to that!

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