10 Things about Claudia

1) Claudia uses every toy she has as a telephone. She just walks around with anything up to her ear and pretends to talk. “Hi Da. Yeah? Yeah?”

2) Claudia’s middle name is Kate. Kate is her Aunt’s first name.

3) Claudia is two minutes younger than her brother.

4) I’m pretty sure Claudia speaks wookie.

5) Claudia is one of the best dancers I know.

6) Claudia weighed less than five pounds when she was born.

7) She has the cutest butt I’ve ever seen in my whole life.

8 ) Claudia already tries to manipulate men.

9) When I was pregnant with Claudia she would always kick if Pantera was on.

10) Claudia likes to try to stand on top of boxes of wipes.

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  1. Where does Gabe’s butt rank on the list of best butts?

  2. I’m telling Ian you think his sister’s butt is better.

  3. Gabe’s butt doesn’t count anymore, does it?

    Peer pressure … guess I have to do lists now too.

  4. You guys! Gabe doesn’t have a butt!

  5. No, Gabe has a cute butt… that is where the cuteness came from.

  6. Awww, he must’ve been hiding it under baggy pants when I was lookin’.

  7. He does that. He’s a baggy pants kind of guy.

  8. My mind swirls with wholly inappropriate things to say. And I am SO not going to say them.

    Suffice to say, who’s to say the world’s so great UNDERNEATH the wet wipes box?

  9. I thought Gabe might have a secret cute butt lurking under the baggy pants. He seems like that sort of secret cute butt type.
    My husband has a negative butt, or an anti-butt. I am jealous of any cute butts.

  10. I find it hysterical there is an entire post session about Gabe’s butt.

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