How ’bout them Bucs?

I hesitate to even mention it. I don’t want to curse anything by drawing attention to it, but 2 – 0!

Carnell Williams looks good. I’m nervous to even talk about it. It’s been quite a while since the Bucs have had a decent running game.

I was listening to Michael Clayton’s local sports talk radio show yesterday (yes, I’m a geek) and he was saying that the whole team was feeling very confident, and that the offensive line was great and that he felt like Brian could do anything. He was honestly talking about Brian Griese. Brian “I tripped over my dog” Griese.

Before the season started, I was telling people that I would be happy if the Bucs went 8 – 8. Now they look like a playoff team and are leading their division. I know it’s only week 2, but it makes me happy. Plus, I’m getting killed in my fantasy leagues and UCF is about to break a record for being the suckiest team to ever exist in Division 1-A. I need something positive to focus on.

So for this week, I will be rooting for Brian “I fell down in Terrell Davis’ driveway and missed some games” Griese and the rest of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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  1. I was pretty excited but nervous to voice my opinion as well. Carnell Williams does look pretty impressive.

    I am hoping for an awesome season!

    Although I can focus on USF, you know they beat that school somewhere near Disney World (ha ha).

    Last night as I drove on campus I heard the band practicing. When I left at 9:10 pm they were still practicing. The whole thing made me think of you!

  2. Your “marching team”?

    (Yes, Lori, I’m still picking on you)

    Can you guys believe the offensive line? They looked so shitty in preseason, then suddenly, against Buffalo, they looked great! Even Steve Deumig was saying nice things about them.

  3. Robin Misener says:

    My Dad is from Buffalo and is a Buffalo and Tampa Bay fan. my son suggested he take his Buffalo Bills license tag off the car before they went to the game. he did, he didn’t want his brand new car to get keyed. When he came out of the game, there was a big whole in his windshield and the hood of his car is scratched.

    They do look great!

  4. You can pick on me all you like, I still couldn’t tell the difference between UCF’s marching band and their football team. THEREFORE, I stand behind my statement. (even if it was a drunken mis-hap!!!)


  5. I was getting excited about Notre Dame being 2-0 going into last week. I’m not sure you should have said that outloud. BUT seeing as you have Green Bay and then Detroit (I think) I’m gunna go out on a limb and say you’re safe.

  6. Let me know when I can put the Greaser on my fantasy team. I’m a little scared only carrying Hasselbeck.

    We go together like shamma lamma boppy da ding dong.

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