Sad to see it go

I’m getting rid of my neocounter. Now that I know it doesn’t work, it just makes me crazy.

Goodbye to the sidebar tool that would only work occasionally.
Adios to the educator that taught me that Bosnia and Herzegovina is one country.
See ya to the catalyst that made me realize that both Becky and Bridgette had been to Iceland.
Adieu to you who made me paranoid about Japan.

Suck it neocounter.

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  1. i got rid of mine too, it was a non working piece of shit, taking up space in my sidebar.

  2. YEAH!

    You tell ’em Cassandra!

  3. I feel like I should follow your lead…yet I’m just unable…maybe when I hit 40 countries. Maybe tomorrow.

  4. F the NEOcounter, it is full of lies!

  5. You see? For all you know there’s been millions of people hitting your site every day from Japan and you’re neocounter’s been dissin’ ’em.

    Did ya watch AUDITION yet?

  6. Mr Hand,

    Is AUDITION on my TiVO, and will The Squad like it more than Baby Einstein or the first five minutes of Sesame Street? If not – wait until The Squad is five and ask me again.

  7. Oh, here’s something even sadder. My friend, Ahlem, just e-mailed me and told me she had her Mom and sister go on my site so I would have hits from Tunisia – but nothing showed up.

    Tunisia is better that UAE!

    Stupid neocounter.

  8. To show my solidarity, I have removed my neocounter. Stay strong my sister. Fight the Power. F the man. Etc. Etc. Etc.

  9. Your sites look much cleaner without the counter cluttering things up anyway.

    Besides, I think the whole concept is a bit bogus, since I know from looking at my stats that most of my international visitors show up at my site after searching for an image of hands. It’s true. I get at least six visitors a day stopping by just to download that photo, which ranks somewhere in the 60s if you do a google image search for hands.

    Mr. Hand, I think it should be your responsibility to post a few nice photos of hands to drive some of that traffic away from my site.

  10. Oh, and your site loads faster now, too.

  11. Tiffer – That’s really messed up. What is wrong with people?

    Mr. Hand – See what you can do for Alison. Post a picture of hands for her, take a load off. She’s a working mother.

  12. We have a similarish service – it is a full stat tracker though, integrates with googlemaps (on our end), and on your end it can show a list of upto 25 cities (of just the last visitors).

    Quite accurate – I don’t want to seem like a spammer, so if you are interested (the tracker JS is 3 kb in size) I would be more than happy to link to it :)

  13. “Mr. Hand – See what you can do for Alison. Post a picture of hands for her, take a load off. She’s a working mother.”

    Who do you think is the one looking for those hands all the time?

    Sheesh, Alison, I didn’t realize my visits were so unappreciated. I’ll stop already.

  14. You must be tired from all that traveling, Mr. Hand. You’ve accessed my site from China, Saskatchewan, Quebec and the UK all in the past 24 hours (not to mention Connecticut, Jersey, Washington and Illinois).

    I don’t mean to sound unappreciative. I’m just leery of random googlers. I guess because I never thought to use pseudonyms for my family members when I started out blogging.

  15. Mr. Hand gets around.

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