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Gizoogle Bitches

Hilarity! You guys may already know about Gizoogle, but I didn’t until today (even though I’ve seen it on Jamwall’s site, I never clicked on it). Today I saw it on Stranded in Suburbia. Here is what happened when I Gizoogled my blog. An excerpt: Gabe was bustin’ his parents ta tha airport on Sunday […]

Maybe he will be an artist when he grows up.

Lately, Ian has been saying something that sounds like “ng”. It’s a really strange sound. He says it and points at the TV. I didn’t know what he was trying to say. I thought maybe he was working on saying “again” better, but it didn’t make sense in context. Gabe couldn’t figure it out, my […]


Watching the Bucs game yesterday was like watching a video of yourself getting a paper cut in slow motion. You already knew what was going to happen, but it hurt anyway and it took forever. The Bucs lost to San Francisco. Make that San Francisco’s fourth string quarterback. Ugly. This game was supposed to be […]

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween (2005)

Okay, I admit this isn’t actually me. Frighteningly enough, this is a very good friend of mine who goes by the interweb alias of The Kaiser. I got this picture off of his wife’s blog. Keep an eye out for The Kaiser, he will show up in a future past Halloween picture as a lady. […]

Happy Helloween (1987 – 1989)

She is such a girl. He is such a boy.

It is nap time here (yes, they were up before 6:00 again this morning). At nap time I usually announce “It’s nap time. Everybody get your bear and your pacifier and let’s go”. Here is what happened this morning. Ian grabbed his bear and ran away from his room. Claudia collected 1) her pacifier, 2) […]

Happy Halloween (1996)

Gabe wants you all to see this.

When I came in here to check my e-mail this morning, this book was on top of our scanner. Yesterday I posted a link to a book called “How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men“. Gabe came home stunned. “How could you have posted that link without mentioning “The Blackman’s […]

Even more searches that brought people here

1. sarah had to poop picture Okay, who searched this one? It had to be one of you guys. This is too disturbing to be real. 2. squad circus Ah, yes. You’ve come to the right place for that. 3. depiction of Odin 4. game goon If you are searching for “game goon”, what are […]

Randomness Part XIX

Gabe noticed that maybe they could have worded this headline a little bit more nicely. If you guys don’t read Steve’s Nude Memphis Blog, you should look at this picture anyway. Eeeeeewwwwww! (Thanks – I think – Gabe) I got this one from Little Miss Pissy Pants. Watch this. It is funny the whole way […]

Happy Halloween (1979)