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This one is a little different, but if you are an avid blog reader you’ve most likely already seen this one. Matthew at Child’s Play x2 tagged me and here I go.

– Go to my 23rd post.
– Find the fifth sentence and post it here.

I choose to believe that Gabe just makes really fantastic gumbo.

That makes me sound crazy, doesn’t it. It makes a little bit more sense in context.

Ian still eats anything. He is truly amazing. A lot of my friends with kids my age have trouble because their kids are picky eaters. I’m sure that I’m just jinxing myself, but the boy will eat almost anything and it goes double if any adult is eating it. Yesterday, I found out that The Goon Squad loves Milanos (you know, the expensive cookies from Peppridge Farms). Are kids supposed to enjoy dark chocolate? What was I thinking? These kids think raisins are a treat. Why would I give them swanky cookies?

Anyway, I’ll tag Little Miss Pissy Pants. She can do it whenever her headache goes away.

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  1. Eric used to eat ANYTHING!

  2. Oh, yeah, you TOTALLY blew it now. If they thought raisins where a juicy, tasty treat before, those Milanos are going to totally FOUL that up. Pretty soon they’ll turn up their noses at oreos.

  3. No child of mine would ever turn down an oreo.

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