More searches that ended up here

1. tiffer duffy’s
I have no idea what that means. Alison and I have been calling each other Tiffer since second grade. Duffys is a really good sub place near UCF.
This search has come up twice.

2. herd
I hope they aren’t mad about that “my balls” stuff.

3. pictures of feet
This is like all the searches Tiffer (aka Alison) has been getting for “pictures of hands”

4. toddler tantrum

5. +”it’s ernie” +”it’s me” +”i’d know you anywhere”
6. “it’s ernie” “i’d know you anywhere”
Dammit! Now people associates me with “Journey to Ernie”.

7. naked
I should have known.

8. manners

9. American Sign Language

10. neil diamond

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  1. Somebody found me on a search for “fur-lined toilet seats.”


  2. See, this stuff is getting stranger and stranger.

  3. I had someone from Florida visit my site 4 times in one day, looking for the word “Array”. They spent more than hour there once, Why?

  4. Today I had, “What it’s like to hallucinate.”

  5. This will be in my next one, but this morning there was “Sarah had to poop picture”. What the hell?

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