Come Again?

I could have sworn you said disco opera about Imelda Marcos.

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  1. Ties in very nicely with your previous post about shoes.

  2. Wow! Fatboy Slim and David Byrne teaming up for a disco musical?!

    Damn, that sounds like the greatest thing EVER!

    Personally, I can’t wait to see it.

  3. QoS – Thank you for making me look smarted than I actually am. I mean – yes, yes, you noticed my clever tie in.

    Mr. Hand – We are going too. I can’t wait. Even if it’s bad, it will be worth seeing.

  4. I saw David Byrne at the Hollywood Bowl in June.

    There, I’ve said it.

  5. Brian – It’s okay. I like David Byrne. I like Fatboy Slim. I’m just having trouble processing these words all put together in one place.

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