Should I be worried?

I live just under the F.

Becky and Bridgette are talking about evacuating. I’ve never evacuated in the 21 years I’ve lived in Florida.

They say this storm has the lowest pressure out of any Hurricane in recorded history. I have no idea what that means.

Would you worry?

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  1. Now I’m scared. I think its a fantastic excuse to go on vacation.

  2. Low pressure means…

    …I think it means…

    …well, I can’t be sure–it’s been a long time since I studied weather in elementary school, but I believe a low pressure system is a stormy one. Which means, if it’s the lowest pressure ever recorded…


    …sounds BAD.

  3. You can stay with us. I have Monday off, it’s a hurricane day.

  4. says Hurricane Wilma still a dangerous Catergory 5. It has them so worried they can’t even spell! And they must have given the copy editors the day off to go evacuate their families.

  5. However, if you live right under the “F,” and if the storm follows the given path, I dunno–might not be too bad.

    But I am NOT a meteorologist.

  6. Bastards at edited their headline and ruined my joke. But I’ve got proof. Take that, you meteorological misspellers!

  7. Tammy – I have considered it, but you too, are in the path. For a while I was planning on inviting ourselves over. But, we’ll see what happens.

    Meatbag – Yeah! Stick it to the man!

  8. I may be joining all of you!!!! I’m right in the cone!

  9. I’m not liking this. Not one bit.

  10. Hey, never say we Memphians aren’t hospitable. If you guys wanna come north–Becky, Queenie, Sarah, Gabe–you can stay with Meatbag.

  11. Corbi,

    It’s headed right for you. Are you evacuating?

  12. We might be in the cone, but here int he middle of the state, we porbably wouldn’t get more than some rain & light wind.

    You can still stay here. We can shoot pool, play darts & drink by flash light (we actually did that with the neighbors last year).

  13. If you add beer to that list it sounds great! Can I bring my cats?

  14. i had an aunt in texas that was considering taking off during hurricane rita. turned out to be okay, she never actually left–never lost power.

    looks like its hitting the yucatan right now.

  15. No, not evacuating…will probably be just another scare like all of the rest…….I don’t really even get worried anymore after all of the false alarms we had….Plus I gotta stay with my cats!

    But Sar- I am really considering coming up to you the weekend after Halloween…like Nov 4th I think. I’ll call you soon…..still waiting on the job situation to be worked out.

  16. Sure you can bring the cats, just don’t tell Ritch!

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