Randomness Part XX

Ew. Here is a Half Nekkid Thursday picture from Steve. Steve has all the best pictures.

According to the germitriculator, my post about Ian saying “bukkake” is 1% evil, 99% good. Phew, I feel much better about bringing it up over and over again.

If I’m not mistaken, Yoda just served me. (just like that). Aaron sent me that and this link to all my new boyfriends.

I forgot to tell you guys! After my whole fiasco with the neocounter and Japan hating me… I had someone visit my blog from Japan the other day! It was all the stinking neocounter after all.

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  1. Yoda. Breakdancing. Classic.

  2. My favorite of your new boyfriends are the Gert Jonnys – hubba hubba. I swear that the president of our community association is in Garvis. The guy standing in the middle. It looks just like him, but younger. I googled it and Garvis appears to be a Swedish band, so I guess it’s not him.

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