I’m just happy I can breathe through my nose.

Promapalooza was fun, and a very welcome distraction from my real life. The whole family has been sick all week . I took The Goon Squad to the doctor yesterday, and it turns out that their colds somehow turned into ear infections. Fun!

Today is the first day I have been able to breathe without the help of DayQuil or NyQuil in a week. (Thank you Vicks).

Here is what I have learned this week:
1) If a child normally wipes their nose on your sleeve and you are wearing a tank top, your child may just wipe his nose right on your arm.
2) A diet of strictly goldfish crackers is better than no food at all.
3) Give your children medicine before the bath. It will save you some time.
4) If you have kids – try not to get sick.

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  1. Good advice. The problem is it’s your KIDS that usually MAKE you sick. They’re like petrie dishes with legs.

  2. scored some dayquil & nyquil eh? who’s your dealer? walgreens? cvs? target?

  3. All of the above Jamwall.

  4. by the way, took me 3 years to shake a vicks vap-o-rub addiction…

  5. Ah, the after-cold ear infection. We’ve got one of those over here. Aren’t they a joy? The screaming in pain. The ear drops. The anti-biotics that end up all over you, instead of in a mouth. Pure joy these children. Pure joy.

  6. I am wearing antibiotics right now!

  7. …and then isn’t it fun to play the “how much medicine actually went down their throats? Should I give them more?” game???

  8. I was wondering, hmmm is that the dose they are supposed to take? Or is it the doseage that if half ends up on their shirt that they will still recover?

  9. I should have listened to your last one. D’OH! I hope you feel better.

  10. We’re dealing with an entire family being sick. No ear infections YET, but lots of coughing going on here. The medicine thing doesn’t really get much easier…just so that you know. My 5 yr old still hates to take medicine….lol. But at least I don’t have to sit on him anymore…..LMAO! Hope things get better.

  11. I guess wrapping medicine in bacon won’t work here . . .

  12. Mmmmmm. Bacon.

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