Thanksgiving Recap

This was not our typical Thanksgiving. We usually take turns every other year either with my Mom’s whole side of the family or at the beach with Gabe’s family and close friends of the family.
This Thanksgiving it was our year to go to Gabe’s parents house, but since we are moving there in about a month, and Gabe doesn’t have much vacation time left at his job, we just stayed home this year. My parents were out of town, so we had Bridgette and family over for Thanksgiving dinner. That sounds pretty simple, until you figure that I met Bridgette when we were both pregnant at a Mother’s of Multiples meeting.

We had four adults, four 18 month olds and one three year old. We had a great time, but it was a little bit chaotic. Gabe made a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner and Bridgette brought brownies shaped like pumpkins (yum yum yum, delicioso!)

Some highlights of the day:

  • Both of Bridgette’s twins fell asleep in their highchairs at dinner.
  • Gabe had to say “Don’t eat the bears off of your sister’s dress”.
  • Scott thought that Louis had a really big bruise on his cheek, but it was just chocolate icing.
  • Gravy
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  1. Was it Bridgette that made the football cake? She’s so martha!

  2. A LITTLE BIT chaotic? It’s crazy. You get more than one set of twins together and … insanity. But at least the parents can be insane together. (And drink.)

  3. GABE cooked the Thanksgiving dinner? You need to hold on to that one.

  4. We had 4 babies under 6 months at my house–a little overwhelming, but we’re all still alive. Good luck with the moving.

  5. Well, happy Thanksgiving!!!

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