Open Season

We had an open house yesterday. Gabe took the cats and Goon Squad over to my parents house. Gabe estimates that the twins trashed my parents house in about a minute. When I showed up about two hours later (I stayed back and vacuumed and made the beds hid toys and cleaned everything up) my Mom’s tupperware cabinet had been emptied all over the kitchen, all of the toys were on the living room floor (and my Mom has A LOT of toys) all of the VHS tapes were off of the shelf and the kids were asleep. Apparently Ian has mastered pocket doors and now he can go play my parents piano whenever he feels like it. Gabe said that Ian also pulled the world atlas off of the bookshelf. That thing has to weigh almost as much as he does.

The open house started at 1:00 and by 12:45 there were people standing out in front of my house. My house felt very popular. We’ve already gotten a bid on the house (albeit too low) and we’re expecting more bids in the next couple of days. I’m getting excited, because if someone buys this thing I won’t have to be so clean all the time.

Someone asked my realtor yesterday if they could come look at the house at 9:00 tonight. We’ve just this week managed to keep the kids up until 7:00. They still wake up at 5:30 in the morning. Who goes house shopping that late at night? You wouldn’t even really get to see the outside of the house. Can he come look at the house at 9:00 pm? Sure, just don’t wake me up.

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  1. How exciting! You’re going to sell soon …

  2. It will all be over soon. Oh yeah, and then there is that really super fun moving part.

  3. Does anyone have any mover recommendations?

  4. Yes, stay in Tampa! I will be coming to see the twins before you leave!

  5. Mayflower does state to state. They did a really good job for us, and came in under their quote. My parents have used them too.

  6. Jeromy’s the best packer/mover that I know. He’ll be in South Florida the week after Christmas working on his dad’s house. Maybe you can call him for a quote :).

  7. I hate all of the people who are looking at your house. I am the one standing outside yelling “SARAH!!! DID YOU REMEMBER TO PAINT OVER THAT MOLD???”

  8. Bridgette, you still have a chance. We only have two offers so far and neither of them are aboove asking price.

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