Several Random Things

1) We accepted a bid on our house yesterday – hooray! Now I don’t have to keep it so damn clean all of the time.

2) If I took Dooce out of my links, would I be in trouble with the blogging Gods? Do people even use my links?

3) My friend Mike sent me a book by Tom Gabriel Fischer. Some of you might remember him better as Thomas G. Warrior. I can’t wait to read it.

4) The Goon Squad had their 18 month check up yesterday. Everybody is larger than average.

5) A large percentage of the people who post comments on “Stuff on My Cat” are real jerks. I am going to become a dog person. These people called Ian fat and ugly. I hope they get horrible diarrhea.

6) I’m not sure weather to laugh or to be scared, but Aaron sent me this link to a video that the Calgary Flames put out in 1987. They’re red hot!

6) Ian has invented his own sign (as in sign language sign) for pretzels with cheese. I am not lying.

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  1. My niece Kate made up her own sign for “More zucchini bread NOW”. The sign was screaming and banging on the table.

  2. I didn’t say anything about your cat. Of course, I also didn’t read that post, but that’s beside the point.

  3. My daughter must have taken the same sign-language class, Beau. She signs “more” as soon as she sits at the table. If I’m not fast enough, she signs “MORE!!!” (That would be banging on the table.)

  4. I’m convinced nobody uses the blogrolls. They’re mostly just a courtesy. I click through to some of the links on your Friend’s Blogs list … but not the others.

    If you pulled a pion blogger from your list, like me, I’d notice. But dooce? She’s linked to by so many people, one or two removals won’t even register a blip in the ecosystem.

  5. Forgot to say – congrats about the house. That was a QUICK sale!

  6. Thanks! I guess Tampa is still a good market.

  7. You can’t touch a flame when it’s red hot. You simply cannot do it. At all. You can’t.

  8. That is what I heard.

  9. Ian is not fat, not ugly, and just because he’s abusing a cat is no reason for people to lash out.

    Dogs rock.

    Why do you want to remove Dooce from your links and why would the Blogger gods care?

  10. Oh, and I use your links, btw. I like your links.

  11. I read an article once (think I posted it on my blog) about how cats make their owners crazy – well, change their owners’ behaviors. They carry some sort of parasite. (The article link is dead). That might explain their peculiar dispositions.

  12. Hooray on the bid! And, I don’t think there are Dooce police. :)

  13. I do use your links–that is how I found Go Fug Yourself and The Twin Invasion. As for those assholes on the cat website, I read those comments and it pissed me off FOR you. Ian can put a chokehold on my cat anytime :)

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