It’s Alive

This is Erin (aka Queen of Spain) speaking to Sarah via cellphone.

Sarah, the Goon Squad, and Gabe are alive. They don’t have any interweb yet. For some crazy reason she trusts me to log into her blog and post.

Sarah says “Earthlink sucks ass.” They are waiting for their DSL stuff, and should be up and running any day now.

In the meantime, Sarah would like encourage everybody to hope that the Bucs beat the Redskins, for she is surrounded by the enemy.

Some random thoughts from Sarah, while we discuss her move north…

“It’s cold.”
“And it’s cold.”
“Do you know the sun doesn’t shine here? Did you know that? For two whole days, no sun.”

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  1. You know about me & football … but I’ll hope the Bucs smite the hell out of that other team … but only for you.

    Hoping even more to welcome you back to Internetland soon.

    Thanks, Queen.

  2. Thanks, Erin!!

    Sarah, just come home. It was 70 degrees here today. I told you were nuts for agreeing to go in Decemeber!!! You’re my hero, I don’t think I’d have the nerve to move north in the winter!!

    GO BUCS!!

  3. 2 days????

    November through March might get 2 sunny days.

  4. Tell Sarah not to move to Cleveland. It’s colder and less sunny.

  5. I, as a general rule, don’t like the Bucs that much, but because my disdain for the Skins is deeper, I will root for the Bucs.

    I should warn you though that should they go up against my 2nd-favorite football team (after the Rams I follow ‘Da Bears), I’ll have to root against TB.

  6. I hope the Bucs beat the Redskins too, because the Redskins are in Philly’s division.

  7. Sarah. You think January Sucks?
    Wait till you get to February.
    And then there’s March. And remember what they say about March up north, if it comes in like a Lion, it goes out like a lamb – or vice versa. You’ll learn what that means while scraping ice off your windshield…….either at the beginning or end of March.
    We warned you!

  8. Hey Sarah, I used to be a part-time Bucs fan back when we used to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Florida in December.

    Back then they had some swashbuckling sissy for a mascot, and I had no team loyalty. Glad to see your team loyalty migrated north with the family;)


  9. May the Bucs do what all good Bucs are supposed to do: rape, pillage, and burn. And sing Pirate songs. And say, “Gar!”

  10. Drink lots of beer and the sun will shine in your belly!
    Did you see March of the Penquins? VA Is Not cold. It’s a must-see movie that will make you feel warm in 20 degrees.
    Imagine 80 below zero w/ 100mi. winds.
    Hurricane is baby’s breath.

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