Still waiting for hookup

Becky here. I just talked with Sarah. She’s learned that “Verizon sucks ass” (I predict tons of hits on that phrase), so she told them where to stick their DSL, and she called cable. It will be next week before she’s connected.

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that it will be “cold” here this weekend.

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  1. Cable is 100% better. I have Comcast, and (knock on wood) have had very few problems with it.

    Go Bucs

  2. Thanks for the update. I was totally wondering.

  3. I think she’s avoiding us!!!

  4. See, when I read that title, I thought “girl in a bar with too much makeup and low self-esteem.”


  5. Girl in bar could be accurate of Sarah…and might only get worse as she adjusts to the cold. But the makeup and self esteem, not so much. But bar…hmmmm

  6. Bar…definitely!!! A few cold beers should warm her right on up!! Talked to her today. She has reiterated the fact that it is cold up there (I see a re-occuring theme forming) but all is well.

  7. I brought her the beers a couple of days ago. That’s right, I showed up unannounced at her door with a six pack of Heineken. Sarah was out running errands. Gabe answered the door. I am hiding the brewskies behind my back.
    Convo went like this:
    ME:Hi! I’m Devra. I know Becky. I live in the area and Becky told me Sarah was moving here. So I came to welcome you to the area. (I pull out beer, hold it up and show Gabe).

    GABE: Oh, well if you’re bringing THAT you MUST be a friend of Becky’s!

    Suffice it to say I did not get to meet Sarah, but on the upside, it was great to meet Gabe. I also was relieved to know my gift would fit right in. Good thing about “beer as gift”, don’t need to worry about matching anyone’s decor or causing an allergy attack with the scent. Now I need to find what else she likes and bring it over. Any suggestions? Anyone else want me to stalk Sarah?

  8. Devra—I’m rolling with laughter. You’ve just made friends for life. And I get the feeling they more than appreciated the beers.

    She really likes green peppers and bacon. Not together, I don’t think. But bacon and green peppers.

    I would have love to have seen Gabe’s face.

  9. I think I’ll take the GF up there and we’ll drop in unannounced. Do the twins like Saki?

  10. I’m sure the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree…

  11. Devra,
    Definitely Bacon…or anything with meat in it!!! She loves meat.

  12. I think bringing meat as a gift might seem a bit weird, maybe you should stick to booze.


  13. Cable’s much better! Tell Sarah that I’m sorry about those Bucs.

    (at least her team made the playoffs! – Damn Chargers!)

  14. Sorry about the Bucs Sarah. If it’s any consolation (and I know it isnt), they got screwed on the TD call in the 4th.

    But, as Matthew said, at least your team is in the playoffs (soab Rams…)

  15. Poor Sarah. Cold AND out of the playoffs. Maybe someone will bring you bacon soon.

  16. Corporations suck ass.

    AT&T, DWAY, DirecTV, Kroger, Bank One, Ameritech, Microsoft, UPS

    Ummm, bacon.
    Steaks are always welcome gifts. As a carnivore I welcome free meat (within reason)

  17. I like the idea of the Jewish girl popping in with the bacon. I can swing by next week with some bacon. I’ll even throw in a green pepper or two. This way, she’ll have an option readily available should she be in more of a mood for green pepper. Sometimes you just don’t have green pepper in the fridge when you really feel like a decent green pepper!

  18. You guys are strange while I am away.

    Devra – I drank all the beers and I am waiting patiently for the bacon.

  19. So does this mean I’m not bringing the green pepper? Well, you guys will have to tune in later this week and see.

    Will Sarah Get The Bacon?
    Will Devra Include the Green Pepper? Will Sarah root for the Broncos and avoid the flaming bag of poo? (please see other comment on next blog entry for reference)

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