Surely You Jest

You have got to be freaking kidding me. There must be some sort of conspiracy.

I just called Cox Communications to find out where my new cable modem was and they have no record of it shipping out. They also have no proof that it didn’t ship. Yes, that is right. It must be Moron Day again already. These jerk wads want me to drive out to the Dulles area to pick one up – and then if they did actually send one in the mail I have to mail it back.

Am I being Punk’d? Is that Ashton Kutcher over there mowing the lawn in a skirt or is it truly impossible to get a high speed internet connection in the Washington D.C. area? This is the 7th largest metropolitan area in the United States AND it’s the nations capitol. I bet George Bush doesn’t have to dial-up.

Anyway, Gabe drove out to the Cox Communications office (where they suck ass apparently) and physically picked up our cable modem. Gabe is my hero.

If all goes well tomorrow I may actually get through a full day without using the phrase “sucks ass”.

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  1. I think Ashton likes to wear skirts. Could be.

  2. I KNEW IT!

  3. I had Verizon DSL when I was there – I still have the modem, I could get it to ya Pony Express probably faster than Cox can get their shit straight. Good Luck anyway.

  4. Thanks Killjoy. Actaully Verizon in their brilliant scheme actually sent me the DSL stuff after I cancelled. It is certainly moron day.

  5. Man. That sucks. That really sucks.

    So are you hooked up now?

  6. moron day, moron day, today is moron day. I can hear you singing that as if it were yesterday!

  7. Gabe should’ve fucked with their minds and MENTALLY picked up the modem from them.
    Who’d be Punkin’ who THEN?

  8. Look at it this way, you’re in the home stretch now, soon you’ll be hooked up and rejoining the blogosphere.



    …not really, i just like saying that..

  10. An entire day without saying “sucks ass?” That’s no fun, nor is it realistic! Just because your cable modem situation is resolved doesn’t mean something else won’t suck ass.

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