I have it on good authority that it is some sort of National Delurking Week.

So if you read and don’t comment holla at me. You can just say hi, it doesn’t have to be clever or anything.

(note to The Kaiser – Delurker-lurker is to be sung to the tune of “Turkey Lurkey”)

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  1. You don’t know me, but I live in beautiful, sunny, WARM Florida. Where do YOU live?

  2. I live just outside of D.C.

    My thermometer says 70.8 can that be right? It is lovely here today. I think we’re going to the park when Claudia wakes up.

  3. Wow. Must be all the heat from the poolboy.

  4. I can’t wait for Aaron to see this.

  5. Delurker Lurker…Delurker Lurker Krispy Kreme…

  6. I have been wanted to say this for a while but never had an opportunity. So it goes here to prove that I am not lurking.

    Can you do something about the popup that screams at me whenever I try to navigate away from your comment page? It is quite annoying.

  7. Beau,

    I have no idea what you are talking about. I don’t get any popups.

    So to answer your question. No.

  8. You’re not alone Beau. Does it to me too. Usually I AM sure I want to navigate away from this page.

  9. Popups? What popups?

  10. Oh man, I got called out today! I guess I am a lurker.


  11. Not a lurker, but felt I had to say something.

  12. THe pop up I get says “Are you SURE you want to navigate away from this page?”

  13. No Pop-ups here – it must be only for those who live outside of Florida!!! I’m NEVER moving!

  14. I didn’t know what pop-up he was talking about, so I’m leaving a comment to test it out.

  15. I think it might be a firefox thing

  16. Hope the internet connection crap clears up soon for ya! Love the blog.

  17. I have Firefox also QOS. Score one for IE.

  18. Pop ups? I don’t get no stinkin’ pop ups.

  19. Well, I guess I could comment more often than I do. I use Firefox and never had no popup problems. Also, in reference to an earlier post, I’m rooting for the Colts.

  20. I guess I’m not de-lurking because I do comment. But I could disclose some personal details if you like.

  21. Hello :-) I do comment every now and then so I guess I am not really a lurker… But hi anyways

  22. lurk, lurk, lurk…
    I’m afraid Gabe is being watched by the corporate man. Now that I’ve broken my silence, I’m on the list, too.
    Hope all is well at the new place.

  23. I’m delurking to say hi! I don’t have kids yet but we’re, um, working on it, and I love your parenting insights. Also, your babies are ridiculously cute. Like, how’d you do that?!

  24. Hey Howdy!

  25. Regarding the popup – it occurs for me ONLY when I’ve started to type a comment AND THEN tried to navigate away … not if I’m just reading comments and then try to navigate away.

    Maybe Beau & Erin are just editing themselves a bit too much.

  26. HOLLA!

  27. does anyone besides me think that blogs bear a striking resemblance to those notebooks that used to get passed around in school, what the hell were they called…?

    slam books, yeah, that was it.

    they may’ve had other names elsewhere, it was a sort of popularity contest in whatever grade they were popular in.

    now it smacks of no life.

    but that could just be my jealous no friends no life self talkin’ here.

  28. what did a notebook ever do to you?!?

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