The Yellow Pacifier Saga Continues

This morning Claudia started it again. “Yeh-yow, yeh-yow, yeh-yow, yeh-yow, YEH-YOW! YEH-YOW” over and over. Each time she said it she would get more and more hysterical, until finally I found our single yellow pacifier under her crib.

I decided that instead of spending most of my free time searching for the damn thing, I was going to go the store and buy more yellow pacifiers.

There was a slight problem. The Goon Squad are good for about one trip a day. We needed to go grocery shopping and I knew my grocery store doesn’t carry the kind of pacifiers that my kids use. We normally buy pacifiers at Target. So I solved the problem by going to the biggest grocery store I could think of.

Fortunately, this store did have yellow MAM pacifiers. Unfortunately they only came in two packs with a keeper. (for non-parents those are straps that clip on to a kids shirt on one end and hold the pacifier on the other end. I’ve always been too paranoid to use them after reading something bad about tethering anything to a baby).

One pack came with a yellow pacifier with a sun on it and a blue one with three rhinoceri (rhinoceros? rhinoceroses? rhinocerossess?). The other pack had a yellow one with a lion on it and a blue one with a sun on it. In the back of my mind, I’m kind of thinking there will be fights over this yellow lion pacifier, because what is cooler than a yellow lion if you are 1 1/2 years old?

Not to worry – Claudia went to bed saying “Sun, sun, sun, sun, sun, sun, sun.”

I really hope yellow is good enough when she wakes up.

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  1. god sarah i am so glad to hear other parents fret over these things too. boy do i remember choosing the “right” pacifier at the store. so funny that they really do get their favorites. zoe preferred pink ones for a long time. now it’s just her thumb. woe is me.

  2. Zoe is my pacifier role model. She was always very serious about her pacis.

    There is a picture of Gabe’s sister wiht 5 pacifiers in her mouth. Claudia gets it from both sides.

  3. that baby teether story is exactly why I should stop reading.

  4. There IS nothing cooler than a yellow lion…unless of course you have a Liger of any color.

    Totally unrelated: You should add a weather sticker to your page so that those of us still in “boring weather” Florida know what it’s like in the great white north.

  5. Running2ks – We also had to buy back up bears because the kids wouldn’t sleep if they were in the wash.

  6. how often did you have to wash their bears? zoe has a stuffed pink poodle that gets so stinky…haha. i guess this is normal? my what we learn from each other. this is why we need mom villages. i guess the internet is our modern substitute.

  7. Britt –

    It depends on how much they are teething. The Squad chews on the hands of their bears if they are cutting teeth.

    So for a while twice a week or more. Now it’s about once a week.

  8. Zoe isn’t teething but she still chews on the poodle. Big oral fixation I think. Just like your mom, from thumbsucking to cigarettes to wine…. :)

  9. My 3yr old son won’t sleep without his See Bob (Spongebob) sleeping bag, cold side down, as his blanket. He doesn’t even watch the show and we “borrowed” the sleeping bag last year from my nephew (I don’t think he’s getting it back).

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