Today it was Apples

Today apples were the grocery store distraction. But that isn’t my story.

First, Claudia is really starting to sing and I really love it, but she sings like the drunk girl that doesn’t actually know all the words to the song. For example, the theme song to “Bob the Builder” sounds like this:

Song: Can we fix it? Yes we can!

Claudia: CAN!

She pretty much just sings the last word of every line, right after it would be appropriate. For those of you that are familiar with Laurie Berkner’s work, “Victor Vito” sounds like this: “fweddy…, weady…, ghetti…” you get the point.

When we were actually in the grocery store we came across a lady with identical twin girls. If you are a twin parent you know that you talk to every other parent of twins that you see. Her girls were almost four and she scared me by saying this:

Lady: Are you having a lot of trouble with them?

Me: It is actually getting a lot better.

Lady: It gets much, much worse. They get into everything. I don’t know what to do with them.

Yikes. Is this true? Kemp? Anyone?

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  1. i don’t have twins – but i think zoe is soooo easy now!!! my god – everything is so much easier the older she gets.

    love b

  2. Uh… well… you know… um…no, of course not. It gets easier with each passing d— hahahahahahahahah

    Sorry… Truthfully, yes, it does get better. At times it may seem unlikely, as the age of 3 does seem to bring more tantrums than 2 did, but I have also talked to other twin parents (you are right, you see twins when you are out and about you talk to them)and they do, like singletons, grow out of it.

  3. Can’t give you any advice on the twin thing, but I can say that Gabriel is singing up a storm and he is hilarious like Claudia. My favorite is when he makes up a song about his favorite things: car car car, tractor tractor tractor, wheels wheels wheels… you get the idea!

  4. And mine are about the same age as the ones you saw in the grocery store (four months shy of b-day #4)

  5. I’ve often used the same drunk-boy description to explain how Robey sings! He even puts his arm around your neck and sways back and forth, then mumbles every word except the last one in every line. And at some point during the song, he’ll fall over.

    On a similar note, Max was encouraging Robey to finish his milk the other night by staring him down and saying, “Drink, Robey, drink, drink, drink.” We all looked at each other and laughed, knowing that wouldn’t be the last time he encourages his cousin to chug his beverage.

  6. Singles get easier around 4. I have the two sets of twins in my class & their parents think it got easier!

  7. i only enjoy shiny objects yo!

  8. I only have one, but I remember when I was out with Will when he was 3 months old. A woman I knew asked me how it was going, and I replied that I felt like I was getting the hang of it, and feeling like things were going well. She then told me that I only felt that way because he was at an easy age and “Just wait!” Why are people always trying to scare you about what lies ahead? I guess it is supposed to be supportive.

  9. That repeating things back at the end of a sentence is called ‘echolalia’, and it’s a symptom of Tourette’s…and the wearing of each other’s clothes, that’s a sign of gender confusion.

    Other than that, it doesn’t get easier as they get older, just ~different~.

    But I’m sure you’ll cope wonderfully, as childrearing is better than any hobby!


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