Take off, you hosers.

Gabe says they look like Bob and Doug Mackenzie in these hats. I don’t know if it is true. But I do know it is funny.

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  1. What kills me (and Gabe is right, eh) is they seem to be wearing eachother’s hats…

  2. Yeah. Ian ends up wearing a lot more pink than most boys his age.

  3. So which one’s Dave?

  4. I have to say Gabe is right. If they start saying ‘eh’ a lot, let us know.

  5. Hosers! Excellent point by Gabe. I haven’t thought about those guys in YEARS!

  6. bored. i’m bored. bored. bored. bored. bored. keep coming back to look at bob and doug.

    i love bob and doug. both versions

  7. Ian is very secure in his masculinity. Has he seen Brokeback Mountain?

  8. It is true and it is funny. ADORABLE!

  9. I believe the official term for those hats is Touks.
    Bob and Doug would be proud to know them, eh?

  10. You need to start calling their hats tooks then.
    I love Strange Brew even though it is ridiculously stupid.

  11. Take off, eh. Of course they look like Bob and Doug from the Great White North.

  12. “you want the last donut, eh? It’s a jelly!” I can’t stop laughing. Totally Bob and Doug.

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