Super Bowl Chili Cook-Off Pre-Game Spectacular

For the Super Bowl tomorrow, we’re hosting a small chili cook-off. By small – I mean we’re only having three entries. If you look at these pictures of two of our contestants, you will see that we should have enough chili to feed an entire football team.

Gabe’s chili ingredients (minus the beans, spices and the secret ingredient) are here on the left.

Mark’s ingredients are on the right.

Let me know if anyone needs some chili.

We are going to have A LOT.

Okay, now it is time for the vegetarians to look away.

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  1. Will you FedEx some to me? I’ll share with Bridgette. Promise.

  2. Dude, that is going to be a lot of Chilli. I thought the amount of snacky foods and booze we had was a bit much. But no, Sarah wins.

  3. Looks like tofu to me :)- cripes, the things they can do with that stuff these days is amazing. I think they can power cars with soy now.

  4. There are going to be a lot of farty people in your house.

  5. Nice… I’m making my worldfamous Kemp’s Spanish-Italian Beef (italian beef with Spanish seasonings) and my Famous Toasted Ravioli.

    Although chili sounds good as well.

    I have to agree with Queen though, I dont think I would want to be around your group about 8 oclock tomorrow night. Make sure you open a LOT of windows.

  6. sounds fun – wish i was there!

  7. Mmmmmm…MEAT!

  8. so who won the cook-off?

  9. Sheesh, that had to be a lot of chili. And a lot of cow!

  10. chili? I’m here in Sarah’s spare bedroom and no one brought me any chili!

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