The Flamingo Cup

Being from Florida, we have several Tervis Tumblers. They are the clear plastic tumblers that have pictures inside them, they are great for the beach or pool because they are practically unbreakable and they don’t sweat. We have probably 12 of these cups all with different pictures on them.

About a year and a half ago, the one with the flamingo on it fell into the toilet.

It is a big joke in our house to bring each other drinks in the flamingo cup. I realize it has been washed at least thirty times since it fell into the clean toilet, but I still try not to drink out of it. Would it be insane if I threw it away? I mean – now that you all know about it, you won’t drink out of it either.

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  1. We have those in a golf motif. No one plays golf. We have no idea why we have them!

  2. I think you totally served me water in that glass.

  3. Sucker!

    Or it may have been before the “toilet incident”, I don’t really remember when it happened.

  4. Eh, Lumpyhead has pooped in the kitchen sink, and we still eat off the dishes we wash there.

    Come to think of it, maybe we shouldn’t use dishes unless they’ve made it through a cycle in the dishwasher.

    Or maybe we should stop the sink pooping. (if only)

    Or maybe I should just stop thinking about it.

  5. Seinfeld would have thrown it out.

    Do any of the cups have pictures of penises?

  6. that is absolutely hilarious! ewww the toilet cup! ha. i can just see you bringing it to gabe, and you giggling haha.

  7. Throw it out.
    Order a different Tervis Tumbler.
    One with a picture OF a toilet in it.
    Or wait, and let me give it to you for Christmas.

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