Ian Goes Goth (or Black is the new Yellow)

Okay, you know how I have told all about Claudia’s obsession with yellow and the yellow pacifier? Her brother has also chosen his favorite color. Black. I believe that is unusual for a one year old. I mean – I have been known to tell people that black is my favorite color, but I am in my 30’s and black is slimming.

Yesterday we were coloring and Ian would only color with the black crayon. I am sure a child psychologist would go nuts on that one. He freaked out when I made him give it up. He also liked to talk about it: “Back, back, back, can, back, back, back, back”. (My kids tend to be repetitive, they’re redundant, they say the same things over and over).

About ten minutes okay Ian demanded a black barrette.* I’m hoping this black fixation is a result of him being proud that he really learned a new color. Maybe he is just trying to show me that he has a good grasp of the concept of “black”.

If I hear any Alien Sex Fiend, Bauhaus or Sisters of Mercy coming out of The Goon Squad’s bedroom, or if he starts wearing black nail polish I’ll let you know. I’ll probably also ask you to burn him some CD’s.

* I really thought he was out of the phase where he wanted to wear Claudia’s barrettes, but today he needed one. I really think it was because he knew he could have a black one.

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  1. Maybe Locke will loan Ian his Specimen album. I’ll ask him when he’s finished in the bathroom with my Jet Blue-Black L’Oreal haircolor.

  2. See now…maybe I wouldn’t let me kids be Goth. No, that’s not true…I would, and then Aaron and I would make fun of them until they eventually gave it up.

  3. Eric only wanted to wear his black t-shirts for awhile. The Ramones short was his favorite. He eventually got over it.

  4. As your resident parenting expert on board, I’d not worry about the black just yet. Now if he insists on a black trench coat, has a fascination with weapons, sets up his own website and starts drinking of blood? Definite red flag.

  5. Just like Daddy.

    Except I don’t think Gabe ever drank blood – or had a website.

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