Randomness Part 27

I just started reading “Middlesex” by Jeffrey Eugenides. I naively assumed it was about a place called Middlesex. Did everyone else know it was about a hermaphrodite?

Aaron and Frank loaded me up with a bunch of Mr. T goodness. Don’t forget to watch the video. (I can’t believe Ice-T wrote this rap).

Bad news everyone.

We’re going to go up to Connecticut to do some fishing. For what? Nuclear subs.

You’ve got to love it when some preachy asshole gets caught ON VIDEO having sex with four women and Kid Rock. (Thanks Jeff)

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  1. Now, if they could get chickens to grow lips, that would really be something.

    If you keep reading, you’ll find that Middlesex IS a place. What do you think so far?

  2. I already read about the chickagators on a science blog I visit. Wait a second. Is this a ploy to get me to admit I actually read a science blog? Ha! I saw right through your little scheme of trying to ruin my image. Trying to make me look like a nerd or something. Well you have to come up with something better than this. Creed sucks.

  3. Gotcha Christoph! (I told you guys he was a science nerd)

  4. Mr. T: Is he wearing shorts AND knee-highs? Suh-weet.

  5. Mr. T is H-O-T hot.

  6. I love the last line of the Kid Rock/Creed story: “Stapp…was arrested at the Los Angeles airport for public drunkenness en route to a Hawaii honeymoon.” Rock on holy roller.

  7. I once caught a submarine ‘thissss bigggg’

  8. My favorite Scott Stapp story is the one about how he went into a hotel bar where 311 was hanging out with their respective wives, made inappropriate comments to some of the wives and then stood up in the bar and announced “311 – I AM READY TO FIGHT!” They proceeded to kick his ass.
    I have decided that in all cases where I am about to get into a brawl, especially if it is in a foreign country, I am going to shout this and then start swinging.
    I just like the IDEA that the news will carry the story “And then the American woman shouted ‘311 I am ready to fight’ and began slapping other patrons.”
    Scott Stapp makes me laugh.
    I hope Kid Rock made him suck it.

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