Can you picture that?

I didn’t grab my camera in time, but last night Claudia was slow dancing with her Little Leap to The Subhumans. Yes, The Subhumans.

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  1. Better them than Barry Manilow or Brittany Spears

    For the last week, since they saw one of their cousins dancing to the song in a school talent show, The PB and The J have been obsessed with the song ‘Car Wash’

  2. It’s the slow dancing part that’s hilarious.

  3. I would love to see the Peanut Butter and the Jelly dancing to “Car Wash”. I bet that is hysterical.

  4. Funny as hell… and they sing the song to. I had to download it to my iPod for them so they could listen to it when we’re in my car…

  5. Oh I wish you’d gotten a picture. That sound so cute.

  6. Gabe had to download “Gasolina” for Claudia.

    Um, I mean The Umluteer had to download Gasolina for Claudia.

  7. Oh my gosh, that damn Gasolina song! I totally am with you on this one. Gabriel is obsessed with this Garfield that is half his size. It goes down the slide with him, he dances with it, puts hand cream on it, feeds it. It is VERY dirty!!!! When he actually puts it down I try to clean it up. He just realized that Garfield is famous and now insists on checking the newspaper ALL the time to see the cartoons. Of course the stupid thing is some limited edition one too. Is Claudia still carrying around Bob?

  8. Bob and Noah (of the Ark) and the little frogs from the Phonics Bus and her baby and bear.

    Ian has been carrying around the black crayon.

  9. The Umluteer?

  10. It was one of the suggestions for Gabe’s nickname. I was trying to see how it went over.

    It seems to cause confusion.

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