Fine. But who the hell is minute Bob?

I could easily be the only person who thinks this is funny, but this one had me laughing loud enough to make The Goon Squad look away from Elmo to see what the hell was wrong with me.

I just got a hit on my blog searching for ‘manute bol’s wife’. Okay. That is funny. But MSN search wanted to make sure that the searcher wasn’t actually looking for “minute bob’s wife”. (I’m pretty sure that this picture is not of his wife. But that is a fly suit he’s got on)

I am seriously the fifth thing that comes up for ‘maute bol’s wife’. I’ll probably be first after typing it two more times. I hope it wasn’t actually her egosurfing. I don’t think Manute would appreciate someone trying to trade his corpse and some cheetohs for Steve Francis.

I also just got my fourth hit for nude house cleaning.

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  1. I don’t know who she is, but I gotta guess that Minute Bob’s wife isn’t very, you know, satisfied.

    I’m just sayin’.

  2. He really can’t ice skate…

    I’ve been getting some super nasty hits lately. Like, make me want to notify the authorities, hits.

  3. That’s cool. Om mine, I have gotten 16 hits off Bambie 2. I was just talking about the movie but I’m scared to think of what they were looking for. Some of them wern’t even in english. Google in french. Yours is way funnier.

  4. dumb mom here – too many brain cells lost – how do you figure what people search for to find your blog?

  5. OK. I got my first really weird search hit: “sexy preteens in thongs.” Guess I’d better stop blogging about prostitots.

  6. You need to start selling some small bowls

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