I’m starting to think that they might be avoiding me.

When I was pregnant with The Goon Squad I was pretty apprehensive about having twins. I didn’t have any friends with multiples and I had no idea what I was getting into. I decided to join a club for Mothers of Multiples. I went to my first meeting when I was about five months along. There were three other pregnant people who were also there for the first time. Two of those other pregnant people were Becky and Bridgette.

I’m pretty sure that without Bridgette and Becky I would have completely lost my mind trying to navigate my first year with twins. They have become two of my best friends and (thanks to e-mail) I still talk to them almost every day.

I had such a good experience with the twins club in Tampa that I decided I would join one as soon as I moved to Virginia. Before we even left Florida I had contacted the club in my area that was affiliated with the same parent organization.

When I got here I found out that there was a Parents of multiples club that met even closer to my new house. Both clubs meet on the same day of the month, so I thought I would just make it easy and go to the close one. In January I drove out to that meeting. I was a little bit early (I’m almost always a little bit early) and I drove in circles around this huge church where they held the meetings until I saw a woman who looked to be in her 30’s or 40’s getting out of a SUV (twin parents have large cars). I asked her if this was the right place for the Parents of Multiples meeting. She said yes, but I should drive around to the other side of the church, because that is where they have their meetings. She was going to walk through the church and unlock the door. She explained which door it was and where to park. I went around to where this lady said to go and parked and tried the door. It was locked. So I waited a couple of minutes. I figured maybe she had to go to the bathroom or something. I tried the door again. It was still locked. So I knocked. Nothing.

Did I mention it was cold out? I got in my car for a couple of minutes and tried the door again, still nothing. Except this time I saw a guy running really fast around the corner. Then he hid behind a car that was across the street from where I parked. This kind of freaked me out, so I got back in my car. I waited until he ran away the other way (I swear this really happened) and when the back door was still locked I walked around to the front and the front door was locked too – and so were all the side doors. And I was still a little bit nervous about the running and hiding guy.

At this point I called Becky. Yes, back in Florida. Becky is excellent at finding information on the computer. I told her what was going on and she looked up my meeting and said I was in the right place. As she kept looking she noticed that this particular club had no January meeting. So I drove home.

I decided in February I would try the other, fairly close, twins club. But I forgot until it was too late. Which brings me to the March meeting, which was yesterday.

Yesterday I drove out to the meeting for the club that I originally had contact with. When I finally found the place (Mapquest is screwy) there weren’t any cars in the parking lot, but there was a sign on the door. It said that the March meeting had been moved to a members house.

I couldn’t believe it. What are the odds of this happening to me? Should I try a different club in April, or should I just give up?

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  1. What’s the deal with the Lock Liar? In a church? Just ain’t right.

    Do these groups have other contact info? Can you email another member or the organizer or something?

    Maybe they moved the meeting to a member’s house because of the running/hiding guy. Or the Lock Liar.

    Could this be a bizarre form of hazing? Like you really gotta want it to join this group . . .

  2. This post has been removed by the author.

  3. Hazing. I never thought of that.

    Or maybe they love Creed and read what I said about Scott Stapp.

  4. They must have heard you and the Squad and the Umlauteer were ubercool and they just can’t deal with it.

    (Besides, maybe the phone calls I made to ignore you and send you crying back home to Florida worked.)

  5. Did you have throw up on your shirt and food stuck in your hair. Oh wait that only happens to me with my twins.

  6. oh sarah – that story is sad and funny at the same time. i would stick with it if i were you – you may meet some awesome people and sounds like twin-support is very useful. keep us updated! and i think the comments on 1) emailing a member and 2) the stages of groups were extremely wise.

  7. No, yesterday I bathed and everything.

    The food and throw up was mostly last year.

    Maybe my old club called ahead.

  8. It’s all part of the plot that Bridgette and Becky have laid out to get you to move back to Florida. They’re paying those twin clubs in DC to avoid you, so you’ll return to their club in Florida.

  9. Heh, heh. And the master plan seems to be working.

  10. It sounds to me like the fact that I actually remembered to bring snacks to your OLD twins club meeting has created a hole in the space time continuum……thus removing all other twin clubs from existence.
    I shall not take treats next time, allowing all other multiples clubs to resume.
    Sorry to have created so much problem…..

  11. How strange. I once saw two guys run through a grocery store parking lot with ski masks and a bag in their hands. They hopped in the car parked nose to nose with mine as I munched on my Subway sandwich. They had just robbed the bank next door.

    I would keep trying–especially since you are in a new city and could use the contact with people outside of your home. Or am I the only one that feels that way?

  12. If Becky and Bridgette need any help with the “master plan”, I will be a very hard worker and throw all my energy into it. Just let me know what I need to do.

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