A Haiku For “Little Einsteins”

On “Little Einsteins”
The blonde kid always sings flat
Her voice teacher blows

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  1. Yeah, and she’s always off the beat. It makes me crazy. They must do it on purpose.

  2. I needed a warning prior to reading said haiku. Freakin’ hilarious!

    My babes are much older so I’m spared torture of flat singing in “Little Einsteins”, but we were tortured with the beginning of the Barney Phenomenon. Let it never be forgotten how hellish that was.

  3. The voice teacher blows …

  4. I also hate it when they clearly sing the wrong letter in the ABCs. I know that “lmnop” is hard for little mouths, but darn it, focus on one of the kids that can get it right at that moment, or you’re going to be spreading the bad lmnop singing to my kids.

  5. I like to think that Mozart would never stop throwing up if he watched little Einsteins.

    But mainly that would be because he’s really drunk all the time.

    It’s a really good show…..My kids love it.

  6. I remember reading somewhere that Mozart actually composed “Eine kleine Nachtmusik” specifically for the “I Love Balloons” libretto.

  7. That is hysterical – My husband is a singer and he crawls the wall every time he hears Annie sing. I like to believe they do it on purpose so that kids who can’t carry a tune don’t feel left out. Like Tyrone in the Backyardigans always sings way too low.

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