Claudia’s Flavor Flav Impression (featuring Frog)

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  1. I guess it helps if you know that she is wearing a viking helmet.

  2. I was going to ask if that was the Viking helmet.

  3. Show us the gold teeth!

  4. I almost forgot – “Ice froggy, frog…”

  5. Sarah, you and Becky have this Norwegian / Viking thing going on.

  6. Yeah, but for some reason, it’s all about Iceland.

  7. Lance,

    Speaking of Vikings…Don’t even get me started on Daunte going to the Dolphins.

  8. Wow, that’s breaking news to me. A sad day.

  9. It’s all about Bjork Becky

  10. Lance, are you a Viking fan too? You, Lumpyhead’s Mom, Jamwall, the Kaiser… that is about half of my readers. I guess I better not talk trash about – huh, who even plays for Minnesota anymore anyway?

  11. The Vikings were the first NFL team I loved. I only wish they could win a Superbowl. Oh and I come from a Norwegian family – some from Norway – so I kinda have to be a fan.

    My Sister is a Die-Hard Dolphins fan though. She still is sad that Dan Marino never one a Superbowl as well.

    P.S. No bad-mouthing the Vikings or we all might have to “kill” you. To bring that thread back to life again.

  12. I got nothing to say about the Vikings, Lance. But you can’t shut me up about Norwegians.

  13. My first NFL Jersey was Fran Tarkington’s, because the boy I liked in 4th grade had one.
    So I made my dad buy me one.
    I seem to recall it annoying the boy.
    Boys are stupid.
    Claudia, on the other hand, is rockin’ the hizzee.

  14. The frog makes it.

  15. She’s going to be great on the red carpet!

  16. I like how Flavor Flaves catch phrase is his own name

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