Mommy Blogger is NOT the preferred nomenclature, Dude.

Has anyone else noticed that two weeks ago it was “Mommy Blogger” and now the term is “Mom Blogger”?

What happened? Did I miss the meeting?

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  1. Label shmabel. It’s all the same to me.

  2. Oops, my bad. I used it once and now it’s EVERYWHERE. I’m just that influential.

  3. Mommy Blogger.
    Next it’ll be “Mommybloggerisms” or things will be “mommybloggerized.”
    I imagine the latter to involve breastfeeding and knitting, but do not know in what order.

  4. the kaiser says:

    The Chinaman is not the issue here.

  5. Mommybloggerality. They did it to the word “function”. No word is safe.

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