My sentiments exactly.

I don’t know where The Kaiser found this picture, but I agree. The Cowboys deserve whatever they get.

I don’t know who is the least trustworthy character in the bunch: Jones, Parcells, or Owens?

It is a sad day for Dallas fans. Isn’t T.O. the one who danced on the star? How do you reconcile that?

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  1. Dallas fan here. Sad, depressed Dallas fan. Thank God I’ve liked them for 20+ years so it’s more sentimental than practical. My husband came into the kitchen the other day and said, “I will, from now on, always root for the Cowboys… lose every single game. I will relish in their demise”. Immediately I freaked out, heard the news then put up with shit from him, my FIL and even my own dad called from Wisc. Sheesh. Jones deserves whatever crap comes his way, GUH, what an ass. Oh gosh, ok, I’m done.

  2. Having a deep-rooted hatred of the Cowboys (sorry Trish), despite the fact they have the only current EIU alum (my alma mater) on their team, I will enjoy any misery that T.O. brings to them.

    T.O. is the one who danced on the star and I also don’t understand how they can justify that. I realize Jones thinks this will win them a championship, but I disagree… they aren’t deep enough anywhere else.

  3. It didn’t work for The Eagles, and they are – well were – a better team than Dallas is.

  4. Seems to me he’s a perfect fit for Dallas or Oakland.

  5. Holy crap. Can you imagine Randy Moss and TO on a team?

    That makes my stomach hurt.

    Plus, with the salary cap, it might just be two or three guys on the whole team.

  6. Jerry Jones is definitely the least trustworthy of the three.

    How do you reconcile if you’re a Dallas fan? Easy. Two tds in his first game against the Eagles should do the trick.

    But with free agency and salary cap, it’s hard to hate players (but not teams) because there’s a good chance they’ll eventually end up on your home team.

    I’m facing this now, actually. As a Yankees fan, I’ll be rooting for Damon this year.

  7. The big guy (a dedicated Eagles fan) laughed long and loud when he read the Cowboys waived TO’s morals clause.

  8. I think it is safe to say that Dallas just F’ed themselves in the A.

  9. See, I shouldn’t be reading funny stuff like this when I have to piddle after having too much water. Stop. You’re. Killing. Me.

    And have I told you how much I like your “That’s Right. You Heard Me” bit? Love it.

  10. We were happy to see him leave the Bay Area. I am suprised he lasted as long as he did with the Eagles.

    Good luck to Dallas fans. If anything, he will make your sports pages more interesting in Dallas. But he will also suck the life out of your team.

  11. All I can really say is


    Dallas is nuts for signing T.O.

    But whatever. Not my millions of dollars being wasted.

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