Why You Are Jealous

Guess where I am going to be on Friday night.

Clearly, this is not one of my brackets or you would hear much more bragging. Mine look more like this:

Here is my Blog Daddies DC bracket:

And here is my Wine Pool DC bracket:

Notice how the Wine Pool bracket looks like I already drank all of the wine?

I’m pretty sure that I won’t be winning anything this year. I picked UConn and Duke to win, just like everybody else, and Wichita State and George Mason were NOT my big upsets. Oh well, at least I get to go to the game.

I am slightly bummed that they won’t be serving beer there. A basketball game without beer is like… I don’t know. A football game without beer. It’s like the whole arena is pregnant, underage or recovering. Stupid NCAA. Thankfully when I was in college, UCF played all of their football games off-campus. We weren’t cool enough to have our own stadium UCF still plays in the Citrus Bowl.

Look for us on TV. We’ll be the ones who look like they have sick twins at home.

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  1. We have been so sick here for so long, that I didn’t even fill out a bracket. First year I haven’t done one in like…forever.

  2. That’s so sad that they don’t serve beer. I hope you have a good time anyway.

  3. Have a good day. Try drinking before you go to the game.

    And I have to say your Blog Daddies bracket looks better than mine… and you are ahead of me in the standings too… son of a…

  4. Basketball without beer is like golf without beer. or softball without beer.

    They’re all like playing catch by yourself. You can do it, it’s just not very much fun.

  5. … or like hunting without beer! (sorry, can’t stop the VP jokes.)

    OK, I’m officially jealous. Not of your brackets, although mine’s not much better. But I did pick an upset to go all the way so I’m still in it. For now.

    Sorry about the beer situation — that’s so wrong. But I’m sure you’ll have fun anyway.

  6. So, so jealous. And are you sure about the beer? MCI serves beer during other college hoops events, including the BB&T Classic and Georgetown home games. So, I’ll cross my fingers for you (or at least hope you’re in a sky box where the NCAA’s “rules” don’t apply).

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