Want to know what I hated about yesterday?

I hated the part where I got The Squad out of the bathtub, then I got Claudia lotioned and diapered and pajamed. Then I got Ian lotioned. Then he barfed all over the hall. A lot. Then I tried to clean up the vomit, but he kept puking and Claudia was trying to sit on my lap and crying “up Mommy”. Then Gabe came home. Then I got in the shower to get all the barf off of Ian – and he was slippery from the lotion. That part sucked.

(on the upside, I neither dropped Ian in the shower nor killed anyone, so that part was good).

Oh, but I did drink the wine I bought for the wine pool. I knew it would happen eventually. It’s a good think I bought back up.

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  1. Just wanted to stop by and say hi. I found you via Mr Nice Guy and thought I would check you out:)

    Your kidlets are adorable!

    I am from NOVA…but haven’t lived there in a long time. I really miss it!

  2. yeah i know that….

    i was so worn out and in pain after illness and overwork just before christmas that i called a massuse to my home after the lets slept.
    during the 1 hr massage 1 pooed herself (thats not happened for over 2 years) and as they are well out of nappies it was quite a job to clean up… and then the other fell out of bed.
    ….and again!

    they seem to know when you dont need it.

    it gets easier though… honest. they even become quite helpful*

    i read quite a way down and really enjoyed your blog. i’ll be back to visit. the squad look gorgeous.
    thanks for your comments*

  3. Now that mine are older, Morgan will gag and throw up when her brother, Tanner throws up. So, if one throws up, the other ends up throwing up, too.

    Be grateful you only have one to clean up!

  4. If there was ever a time for drinking wine, that was it.

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