5 Things I’m Not Proud Of

I can’t listen to Holst’s “The Planets” when I’m home alone. It’s too scary.

If there are Tootsie Rolls around, I will eat them until I am sick, or until they are gone.

I cry during almost every movie I see.

Deep down inside, I miss Tampa sports talk radio.

Ian says “cocks” instead of “socks” and it cracks me up almost every day.

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  1. Is it just Mars and Jupiter that Scare your or is it the whole LOT of planets?
    I also cry during almost every movie I see. I consider it a victory to have stopped crying during commercials…..

  2. I didn’t know you were a crier!!?! That is so sweet Sarah, and I am a big crier too – your mom is especially good at setting me off too.

  3. Sarah, I bet you cried when Blue died in Old School and Frank the Tank was singing Dust in the Wind at the funeral.

  4. Did you say Tootsie Rolls!? I, too find them irresitable. I didn’t know you loved them as much as I did! MMMmmmmm….Toootsie rolls…
    Excuse, I need to go to the store……….

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  6. I remember thinking as I was walking into the Joy Luck Club, look at those idiots with Kleenex boxes. Two hours later, with a soaked shirt, who was the idiot…..

    For me, it’s not the movies, it’s Little House. I dare you not to cry when Pa cries.

    ps Wish you could have joined us for Lumpyhead’s parents’ anniversary.

  7. Angie C says:

    I can’t believe you have your own goon squad. Didn’t we just get our drivers licences last year?

  8. Holy Moly! It looks great around here. Like the new design, girl!

    This is a funny list. I did this post a while back about the top 10 songs I’m embarrassed to listen to on my iPod.

    It’s good to come clean.

    p.s. Oh, my! The recognition letters are “fwckocuo” – It sounds like a toddler telling me to… well, you know.

  9. Your are so funny!

    I need to get some new cocks. Mine all all stretched out and keep falling down.

  10. Ella says “cocks” too and I also think it’s funny when she mutters “Dahmitt!” when she’s playing with her little hammer.

  11. ummm…. i taught Ian to say that. sorry

  12. I KNEW IT!

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