Randomness Part 31

I totally blatantly stole this link from Kemp, but I couldn’t get over it. I’ve heard of sleep-walking, I even read something on CNN about having sex in your sleep, but sleep-divorcing someone?

Good news. We gave the kids peanut butter and nobody went into anaphylactic shock. Now I don’t have to worry about peanut allergies anymore. (Yes, non-parents, this is a real fear. Just you wait).

I filled out four different brackets this year and before The Final Four games were played, three of the winners were already decided.

Speaking of sports – I’ve got to teach Ian how to play baseball as soon as possible. Here is a list of 409 MLB players who will make over $1 million this year .

Well, I covered basketball, baseball, I’m going to a hockey game tonight and here is one on football: Donovan McNabb and Jeremiah Trotter were found guilty for having their cars parked in handicapped spaces. This makes me feel so much less guilty about constantly joking about sports hernias.

Check out what The Kaiser can do with photoshop. (Yes, I talk about him in every post). In the original picture Ian was holding a pair of sunglasses. I like the map better.

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  1. Is Ian now also surreptitiously flipping us off?

  2. I love the picture, they look so busy.

    Which teams are playing tonight? I love Hockey.

    I once hear of a guy peeing on his wife in his sleep.

  3. Why is it the Kaiser ends up in our blogs so much? We need to come up with a reason, or he’s going to tell us it’s becauase he’s so sexy or some crap like that.

  4. lacrosse? Isnt’ that a city in Wisconsin?

  5. I’m from LaCrosse, WI (now in MN – about a mile down the road from the sex boat debacle) ANYhoo, everytime they talk about the Lacrosse team, I immediately think they are talking about the city and I say to myself, “Why have none of my friends there told me about this? Sheesh” After the 3rd or 4th time, I got it through my head the correct way.

    Those brain cells. They started evacuating when Monkey Boy was born.

  6. ugh. i went to duke. what an embarrassment this lacrosse thing is. as if the WHOLE WORLD needed MORE reasons to hate us…

    and, that map picture is so utterly excellent. i could dive into it.

  7. Has anyone figured out why people have suddenly become so allergic to peanuts? This is an issue which amazes and perplexes me.

  8. sleep-divorcing… I think I hear a new career calling me.

    Sleep Divorce Lawyer.

    Though that could also be the name of a really bad sitcom on the WB.

  9. Or a Saturday Night Live Sketch.

  10. I am so skeeved by the whole Duke Lacrosse article. I feel bad for the coach.

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