Double Cheese


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  1. Maybe. But at least they are very cute dorks!

  2. Is it cold there? It’s still chilly here. I’m over it. Freaking chilly in SoCal. Where is global warming when you need it?

  3. Odd Mix stole my line. Very cute dorks indeed.

  4. I really like the nose-wrinkle. It’s like a long-distance eskimo kiss.

    from dorks.

    CUTE dorks.

  5. LOL, they’d so stinkin cute….

  6. I am laughing because I call my kids dorks too, especially when they are being as cute as your two are.

  7. Very Cute!

  8. OK…Too cute!

  9. Queen: I hear it’s in Ecuador right now.

  10. Precious.

  11. WOW. Your wagon has sippy cup holders! My poor deprived children in their hand-me-down last decade style wagon.

    Love the squinchy noses!

  12. I was just having another look at this picture and I was trying to think back to those days when my only responsibilities in life were to play, eat and poop. Oh God I’m jealous!

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