You Were Expecting it Anyway

I was tagged by On the Banks of the Rio Grande . This is that meme where you say six weird things that people don’t know about you then tag six other people. PLAY BALL!

1) I hate mustard. I don’t even like to smell it or touch it unless it can’t be avoided.

2) I sang back up on an Iced Earth album.

3) I feel massive guilt that I don’t call my brother more often.

4) I know who left me the mean comment about my hair.

5) Sometimes, when I’m buying fresh green beans at the grocery store, I get freaked out because they look like snakes and I can’t put any more of them in the bag.

6) This morning I fell down three stairs and didn’t spill my coffee, but I’m pretty sure I am going to have a huge bruise on my butt and another one on my right wrist.

Just do it: you know it’s coming to you anyway.
1) Becky
2) Bridgette
3) Kemp
4) AngieC (she’s new to blogging, but Old School to me)
5) Lumpyhead’s Mom
6) Mommy at Work

Erin is only off the hook because I assume someone has already tagged her. If they haven’t yet, it is only a matter of time. Tammy is only off the hook because her birthday is coming up, and I didn’t buy her anything.

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  1. I plead ignorance (easy) on being tagged. I stick my finger in my ears and go “lalalalalalalalalallalala.”

  2. Note to self: Clear the house of fresh green beans before Sarah comes over.

  3. Oddly, I really like green beans. I just don’t like digging into the bin at the store.

    I did it earlier today, but it freaks me out.

  4. I like applesauce. But after a normal serving, it makes me gag. Feel better?

  5. Oh, and I still can’t figure out Bloglines.

  6. I never was good at playing tag…

  7. Singing back up on an album?! I’m so proud. I tagged someone with COOL weird things.

  8. Let me know if you need my butt pillow. If you recall I performed a luge down my staircase and bruised my butt a few months ago. Hope your butt feels better soon!

  9. oh and something you would not know about me? I was an extra in the movie “Where the Red Fern Grows, Part 2” I believe it went straight to video. I got to meet Chad McQueen (Steve’s son) and Lisa Welchel (Blaire in Facts of Life).

  10. I can not, can not get in bed without socks on. But Sarah I’m doing to know who left the hair comment. Can you share?

  11. Wait, someone left a mean comment about your hair? She can’t get away with that. Send her my way…

  12. Okay, just found that comment. Whoever that is clearly has issues that have nothing to do with you, your blog, or your hair. She’s not even clever;it’s the exact same troll comment made on MIM’s False Advertising post.

    I dub her Unfunny Hair Troll and hereby banish her from polite blog society. May she spend the rest of her days trapped in blog purgatory where none of the posts have any punctuation and every other word is spelled backwards.

  13. oh yeah, i mean i have to wear socks to SLEEP it’s not some kinky thing or anything :)

  14. Do tell who it was that left the cowardly comment!

    I’m still laughing about the green bean snakes. I’ve actually had the same thought, but had pushed to the back of my mind. Until now, thanks! 😉

  15. Just commenting to say that as soon as I begin my journey back east, I will join the fun. That, and I totally get the condiment aversion.

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