Randomness Part 33

According to the Deathclock I am going to die on Wednesday, February 28, 2052. Thanks Britt?

PMZ and WT are done for now. I will miss them (and Mister Hand and Meatbag and Jamwall). Kemp and I are working on something new that will be about sports. We’ve got some other cool people on board so far. I’ll let you guys know more when we figure out the details.

I was thinking of doing a FAQ post (because it is trendy, and you know I’d jump off a bridge if Cynical Dad and Metro Dad did too), but nobody ever asks me questions, so how could any be frequently asked? Anyway, if you have a question, e-mail it to satgs@cox.net and I’ll post it (along with an answer and a link to you) after I get a few of them.

I got a hit last week when someone googled “why sarah keeps trying to make me do work”. Gabe is that you?

I am also getting a ton of hits for “Brad Pitt” on Google Image Searches. I don’t know why. I posted a link to a picture of him on another website six or seven months ago.

Okay, go read this post on Sweet Juniper! and then come right back here. Did anybody NOT click on the link that said bosomy? How could you not click on that link? Impossible.

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  1. Crap! Chris is going to die 16 years before me; better up the life insurance.

  2. HA. The FAQs are forming now….

  3. Apparantly I’m following you 5 months later.

  4. This post has been removed by the author.

  5. Egads. I only have until January 2nd, 2050. And I thought I was in good shape….

    By the way, THANKS for making me obsessed with Holly’s bosom. It’s so, well, round.

  6. I die on March 19, 2052. At least I know when I can max out the credit cards, tell certain people what I really think about them, eat something really bad for me (in large qty)…etc.

  7. Deathclock says that I am going to die in 2066. But I am going to die in February also…..that’ll be nice, we both die in the same month.
    But why the HELL are dying earlier?

  8. I don’t know, but it is nice that Lori and I will only be dying a few weeks apart.

  9. I went to check my date on Deathclock, but then I just couldn’t do it. Plus I’m measured with the metric system and don’t know how to convert correctly.

    Here’s a Q but I don’t know how FA it is: How long does it take you to fix some dang sandwiches?

    How many takes were needed to sing the backup vocals on the infamous Iced Earth song?

  10. Sarah, I will die two years before you. On Friday July 8, 2050. Will you miss me???

  11. You wanna talk surprisingly bosomy? I’ve been nursing for a week & I am so engorged! So. Engorged.

    As far as the death watch … I’m with Christoph. Just can’t make myself do it. I had a bad experience with a psychic once, so I’m leery about speculating about the future.

  12. You’re dying on my birthday! You won’t be insulted if I still have cake — I mean I’ll have been dead seven years at that point according to the clock, but still… I like cake.

  13. I realize I am taking a serious risk admitting this, but…
    I tried to type “Tuesday” into the DAY box. Yup, I typed in “Tu” and could not figure out why I could not get the entire abbreviation of “Tues” in that box. Dude, I even did it more than once. I tried again when the first time didn’t work and I thought I had mistyped.

    This is Devra, this is Devra on Sudafed. Any questions?

  14. Forgot to say I will be dying exactly one month before you. I’m predicting your cause of death will be sorrow from being unable to read about B & B when they are 52 years old.

  15. What’s with all the blogs? You are the bloggiest chick I know. How do you do it?

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