Why Brett Why?

I’m sorry to be so football-centric today, but I just read that Brett Favre has decided to play another year. It makes me sad. Brett Favre is going to end up like Joey. Sad. Just sad. Does he really think he is going to win another Super Bowl? Does he hate Aaron Rodgers? Does he want to lose the use of his thumb permanently? Gambling debt? Anyone?

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  1. He’s waiting to be invited to one of Daunte’s boat parties.

    Then, and only then, will he hang up his cheesehead.

  2. Couldn’t Brett be Culpepper’s father?

  3. Ego? – Not that he’s helping himself any.

  4. Is it wrong that I’m hoping Green Bay has a worse season than last year?

  5. OMG– I was thinking the same thing!

  6. Worse season than last year? Is it possible? What’s the NFL record for interceptions thrown?

    As for Brett being Culpepper’s father, don’t know, but I know a lot of defenders who are Brett’s daddy.

    (Deep breath….and promise not to make that QB mistake again.)

  7. our 3 yr old son (Viking’s raised) was taught a couple years ago how to say “Packers SUCK” to my longtime diehard Packer fan father. Good thing he’s the only grandson or there would be trouble brewing.

    Excuse me while I go burn my Culpepper jersey. Thank GOD we sold the Moss one. Sheesh, what am I going to wear to the Draft Party? I don’t think the other players would like me wearing Dante’s.

  8. Okay, I just noticed the laser eyes. What a delight! Wish I could offer any insight into the inner workings of Brett Favre’s mind, but ever since they took my red bucket and the magic chewing gum wrapper, my predictions have become intolerably unreliable.

  9. Favre is going to go out like Jordan, Ewing, Marino and Deion. Four of the greatest ever at their respective sports, but they stayed about three-five years too long. Stockton, Montana and Elway did it right.

  10. Nothing on Favre, but OMG. I’m seeing your template for the first time and I am overwhelmed. It is awesome!! You rule!

  11. Oh and I read The Blind Assassin and thought it was wonderful.

  12. ok this comment has nothing to do with your post… I’d come to your blog before but I never realized, until now, that your header was animated- that is so friggin funny. I love that.

  13. Yeah. Me either. I have no idea when (or how) that happened.

  14. OMG! When did that happen? I just saw it for the header move for the first time. It is funny though!

    OH! CNN is reporting that there are 2 large cats roaming the DC area – Did Klaus and Sid escape?

  15. WOW!! I don’t know what happened in my previous comment! I think my brain may finally be ‘shorting out’.

  16. I think the Kaiser may be messing with you!

  17. Ego. Ego. Ego. Packers will be nowhere near as good as they were last year (which was pretty bad). Green’s another year older and it looks like Walker’s heading out the door. Favre should have joined him.

  18. I think this would have been a better post if you had talked about Brett Michaels instead

  19. Brett Michaels = Yum

    even all these years later

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