Baby Einstein Van Goat Devil

You guessed it. Somebody searched “Baby Einstein van goat devil” and ended up here.

I don’t think this guy looks like Satan, do you? He’s not very scary. Vincent is a good guy that loves to paint.

THIS is scary.

(and only slightly unrelated)

Oh Google Image Search, how I love thee.

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  1. Ok, being a newbie blogger, I have to ask… How do you find out what people searched for and reached your site?

    By the way, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read so far of your blag.

  2. I love your blag too.

    Sorry, I’m the Queen of typos…so you know, I feel pain there.

    I’d also like to say that whatever happened to your header, and I’m not admiting I know anything about it…but whatever happened…IF it turns out I was involved, know that it was at gunpoint.

  3. I feel much better. I was thinking EVERYONE I knew knew my password.

  4. i’m taking over
    Wicked Truth

  5. I think you get the greatest google searches.

    I got one the other day that was, “Pee standing up”.

    People scare me a bit.

  6. blag = blog + rag

  7. And. O. M. G. I just saw the header. Killer.

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