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Looking Good, Winthorpe

Feeling good, Mortimer. What does your kid’s hair look like when they wake up? Mine both look homeless. ps – Happy Birthday Lumpyhead! pps – You guys all voted for my shitty mix tape, right?

The Pros and Cons of Kids Learning How to Talk

Pros – “Applesauce, please.” – “I love you, Mommy.” – “Happy, Happy” – “All done pooping.” Cons – “No brush teeth!” – “No shirt! No shirt!” – “Cookies please.” – “Oobi” (Seriously, the boy saw Oobi for 5 seconds and called it out clear as day”. – “No, No, No, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!” […]

Randomness Part 37

Paige has her poll up to vote for the “Shittiest Mix Tape”. You can check them all out, bit I feel pretty confident, I mean – no one else even used a Jordy song. Go vote for me – or listen to this version of “Back in Black” that Crouton Boy used in his mix.Ouch. […]

Pop Culture Has Destroyed My Intellect

I was putting away clean towels yesterday and I noticed that we were running low on toilet paper. The first thought that crossed my mind was “I need T.P. for my bunghole.” What is wrong with me?

Five Good Reasons to Make Friends on the Interweb

1) You may get to be involved the very first ever game of “The Random Shit and a Fan Drinking Game”. 2) Mommy at Work has a lot of good toys. They kept all four kids busy. 3) It says “Go Cocks”. 4) Good food. 4) Still… Ain’t no half steppin’ (whatever that means)

For Your Twin (and Triplet) Viewing Pleasure

My blogroll is getting completely out of control over there. Do not be alarmed if you aren’t on it, I probably read you through bloglines anyway. Anyway, I’ve found a bunch of new twin parents with blogs out there, and so I am going to attempt to keep track of them here. TWIN BLOGS A […]

They Used to Look Like This

This is a picture from the day The Goon Squad came home from the hospital. Claudia didn’t even weigh 5 pounds yet here. Now she is standing here saying “What you doing, Mommy?” and looking at this picture and saying “Babies sleeping”. Time flies.

I forgot about the tattoos.

When I was telling you guys about the package that Angie sent me I forgot that she sent a package of temporary tattoos for The Goon Squad. I forgot until I put this pretty sleeveless shirt on Claudia and remembered that Gabe let the kids pick which one they wanted. …and to think that right […]


My long lost friend Angie (who recently found me on MySpace) sent a package for us from Alaska. She sent a bunch of things, including books for The Squad that are all about animals from Alaska. All of the sudden they are very into porcupines. But here is the thing I wanted to show you […]

Did you know?

1) Did you know there was something called “The Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain”? 2) Did you know they did a cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit”? 3) Did you know I stole this from House of Pudding? I bet you didn’t.

You Learn Something New Every Day

Yesterday Claudia mastered a new phrase – “I do it myself.” Yesterday Ian learned a new word – “tampon”. They haven’t even been two years old for two weeks yet. I can’t even imagine what this year will bring, but I’m getting the feeling that the boy is going to be the one that teaches […]

Shitty Mix Tape Challenge

Paige Maguire (formerly Miss Domestic) is running a contest. It is the Shitty Mix Tape Challenge. I’ve seen a couple of the other entry’s, but those people obviously didn’t have the Jordy cd. If I understand the rules correctly, this list must include 5 songs that I have on my hard drive, so if you […]