Who Is This Is?

I recently traded up to get the pink Razr. I know it is extraordinarily girly, but sometimes I can’t help it. It started out as me joking about getting one and somewhere in there I ended up actually wanting it.

Most of the phone numbers I had previously programmed in were stored on my SIM card, but Gabe’s cell phone had been stored to my phone instead of my little card so I reinstalled it. Incorrectly.

Because I’m pretty much a moron, it took until a couple of days ago for me to figure it out.

That is when I sent “Gabe” this picture.

Then I got a text message back – “Cute kid, but it’s not mine”. Later, my new friend Jeff called me back and when he told me his number (out loud, it takes me a while, I mean – my phone said he was Gabe’s cell) I figured out the problem and I fixed it.

But not before I sent him this picture too.

I’m sure Jeff thinks I’m a psycho.

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  1. Great pictures!

  2. That’s hilarious. I had a similar thing happen when I accidentally sent not one but THREE emails (I know, what a moron, right?) to a woman with a similar email address to my good friend Jennifer, sharing fairly intimate details of my life. Luckily she had a sense of humor. By the 3rd time she was like an old friend. But I still cut her from my address book.

    BTW, cute pics. Looks like all the fun with the shredder tired them out.

  3. I took these all with my phone.

    I love my Razr. I do.

  4. From the Dark Ages (before e-mail, blogs, etc.): I got a Christmas card from someone by mistake, so I sent him one. We swapped cards for several years after that. Just because.

    Maybe your new friend will start sending pictures of his kids.

  5. you know, one can only wonder what went through that guy’s head…

    but I think that his response “not mine” tells us alot about him.

  6. I think that is awesome, the pictures & that you sent them to someone random!

    I love my razr, too!

  7. Great pictures. Too funny about sending them to the wong person.

    I soo want that phone.

  8. Not sure Jeff thinks you’re a psycho, but he’s probably worried about the impending paternity suit.

  9. Michelle says:

    AWESOMLELY cute photos! Wish my phone took pics like that!

  10. I hope Jeff likes kids.

    Since you are now image capable, would you please come see my new idea for a weekly challenge.

  11. I have the Razr, but my pictures don’t look as clear.

    They are precious pictures, and your story totally sounds like something i would do.

  12. Still got Jeff’s number? We can all send him pics…

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