Trust Your Gut, People

My Mom said “Oh, just get in the shower when I’m at work. They will just watch TV”.

I should have said “Okay, I just want to double check that you don’t have any of those chocolate coins hidden anywhere around here that Daddy always stashes when Zoe comes to visit.”
You should see what he did to the carpet. And this was all before 8:30 in the morning.

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  1. awesome!!!! did your dad carefully put them away?

  2. Only Britt, Mike, Gabe and My Mom will understand this, but:

    They were in the turtle.

  3. Check out this eyes. He looks like he’s high on that chocolate. Are you sure he didn’t find some other kind of stash as well?

  4. Do you have nightmares that one day one of the kids will say, “I only did it so you could put it on your blog!”

  5. Roger, maybe that is what they are doing. They are really great kids, but they don’t want my blog to get boring.

  6. oh geeze

    Dreft stain remover is heaven sent, heaven sent i say!

  7. Consider yourself lucky. It could have been worse… much, much, much worse…

  8. Yeah, they could have plugged in the shredder.

  9. Hey, our carpet looks like that all the time. Isn’t that what it is supposed to look like when twins are present?

    Ooh! My password is ipruhlthy. I read this as I pee, are you healthy. I know, I’m sick and need help. Send help please!

  10. Dreft stain remover? What is this you speak of?? I must know more

  11. [snort]

    Umm…I feel for you. Recently when I showered mine spilled Kool Aid powder all over the carpet, then tried to wipe it up with a wet rag…

  12. LOL. Too funny and too familiar.

  13. Hi, came across your blog. Thanks for sharing reality. I’m fortunate, we moved into a house with dark green carpet. Stains? What stains? All is hidden in a sea of green. I’ve used Dreft stain remover, loved it. I also found Oxy Baby Stain Remover, worked even better. Unfortunately, I can’t remember where I bought it. Heavy sigh.

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