Did you see what Rob just did to my kitchen?

While you are watching this video (go watch this video) please keep these things in mind:

1) The kids and I are on vacation in Florida. I haven’t been home in over two weeks.

2) All of this footage would appear to have been shot in my house.

3) My husband is 30 years old.

4) The language is inappropriate for children, work and sober people.

5) That glass is full of Jagermeister.

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    I don’t envy your kitchen. Those particular people are never allowed in my kitchen with any kind of tools and jagermeister.

  2. Oh that is freakin’ hilarious!!!!!!! ANd I LOVE what you’ve done to the header up top – how funny is that? Thanks for the laughs this morning!

  3. I think it’s time for you to head back home while you’ve still got a home.

  4. Oh. My. God.

  5. That is nuts.

  6. I have to borrow Lumpyheadsmom’s language….but imagine it with Charlton Heston’s voice…

    Oh. My. God.

  7. I have no words. Other than…OH MY GOD.

    Seriously. How old are those boys now? And are you just going home to a trashed house? I mean…will it get done someday…like, um…dare I say it….the shelves???????

  8. Ditto Kemp. Maybe with James Earl Jones voice.

    I think maybe you’de better just stay there until he sends you a video of an acceptably finished (refinished) kitchen. And youd probably better get the rest of the house checked out, too. Yikes.

    My word verification was “pzhat”! I love that – its the best one I’ve ever seen. What a versitile sounting word… Pzhat!

  9. In all fairness we did demo and drywall an enire room before we started in with the horseplay.

    Sarah was sent several pictures of her new room that she loved.

  10. HAHAHAHA!!! Too funny, Sarah. I don’t know if I’d run home right away or just stay in florida until it’s safe to return.

    Man, I haven’t seen anyone drink Jager like that in years!

  11. Talk about extreme makeover!

  12. I was trying to keep them in line all night, and they just kept horsing around anyway

  13. Was Mark able to type that with a straight face?

  14. Yikes. Although, if you wanted to remodel your kitchen, it could be a blessing in disguise. It would be for mine. :-)

  15. Drinking leads to spanking. Or were they spanking and that lead them to drinking? It’s unclear from the film. Is there a director’s cut?

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