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For those of you that live in the D.C. area, June 3rd is “The National Race for the Cure”. My Aunt Marily is a breast cancer survivor and she was in remission until this year. She is currently undergoing chemo (again) and would love for us to join her. “The Komen Race Series raises significant funds and awareness for the fight against breast cancer, celebrating breast cancer survivorship and honoring those who lost their battle with the disease. ” You don’t have to run. Gabe and I will be walking and The Goon Squad will be riding in the jogging stroller.

If you want to walk with us (or run with other people who have more energy than me) please sign up here.

If you live far away, can’t participate, or
just want to give some money
– even $1 helps.

My Aunt is one of the strongest, most wonderful women I know. She is able to afford the doctors and the chemotherapy. She is doing this for the people who need our help. I’ve set a small goal (only $100) to raise myself. Let’s see what we can do.



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  1. My sister in law and I are volunteering at the Kid’s Run/Walk at the Mall of America this weekend and we’ll keep your aunt in our thoughts and prayers. My gramma died a couple years ago from breast cancer and I just found out last month that a friend of mine has it. She just had a mastectomy and things are looking up. Everyone please do what you can to support this great cause!

  2. Go Goon Squad Family!

    Wait…what do we call the whole family on this blog???

  3. I just made a contribution. Go Sarah. You’re so cool for doing this.

  4. Have a great run for a great cause. One day I’ll have to tell you how I almost got shot by the Secret Service at the D.C. Race for the Cure in 1996 when I almost ran into Al & Tipper Gore.

  5. Nice post Sarah.

    My family has been doing the race (first in Peoria, now in St Louis) for the last dozen or so years and we will be doing it again this year (June 10th is the St Louis one for 2006 – http://www.komenstlouis.org)

    My wife also participates in a different Breast Cancer race in Chicago (for the life of me I cant remember the name right now) every year.

    We will keep your Aunt, and all others who are inflicted with this horrific disease, in our prayers.

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