Randomness Part 36

Poor Dutch.His Sweet Juniper is calling The President “dada”.

If you don’t read Cheeky’s Hideaway already, go over there and at least watch this video.

I know you’ve been dying to know what alias you would use if you ever needed to pretend you didn’t have herpes. Look no further – it’s the Ron Mexico Name Generator. I’m Pandora Jersey. Crap. That isn’t nearly as funny as Ron Mexico. (Sorry kids – the quiz is no longer available.)

Britt sent me this article on how having twins could be related to dairy intake. What do you other parents of multiples think?

Did you guys see that a CFL kicker went missing?

Frank sent me this gem on that kid who cheated in little league and his pedophile wife. This guy has no concept of what is age appropriate.

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  1. Estelle New Mexico with just my first name, but with first and last it was Missy Jordan. Huh. How about that?

    I think Estelle New Mexico is also my stripper name.

    Cute baby butts, by the way. Do you hear that everyday?

  2. Just call me Mercedes Bosnia.

  3. And as per usual…the Kaiser gets the best one:

    Bubba Malaysia

  4. Pamela Scandinavia here.
    Perhaps you have seen my films made in the early 90s with my costar Tom Byron?

  5. no offense, but my name, Sarah Eritrea, sounds a little like something my ob/gyn might tell me i picked up on that last undercover tete-a-tete i had with ron mexico. sigh.

    also, the dairy thing is ridiculous, please (although it doesn’t really apply to me anyway since my twins are identical). it’s not the dairy, people. it’s the freakin bovine growth hormones IN the dairy. in the coming years, mark my words, we’re going to be hearing a lot more about rGBH and how it is affecting EVERY aspect of our own, human growth. in the meantime, there’s an easy solution. stop consuming dairy laced with bovine growth hormones. buy organic. if enough of us do it, perhaps they’ll stop treating the cows with it altogether.

    /rant. sorry.

  6. Wow, I’m a porn star: Pamela Greenland!

    The dairy thing doesn’t apply to mine either–identical. And in WI consumers had a fit when milk producers tried to sell us boving growth hormone milk, we boycotted, and they took it off the market. But it is an interesting idea.

  7. First name only: Fausto Poland. That makes me sound like a malevolent shopkeeper. I like it.

    First & last: Tommie Alaska, which would get me a butt-whoopin’ during recess.

  8. Monica Georgia. Sort of boring but if you say it with a southern drawl and a mint julip, it’s not bad.

    And I dont’ know about dairy intake before having twins, but it sure has spiked since having them. Often when a sippy cup of milk flies overboard from a booster chair I’ll take a sip to clear all the “bad germs” from the spout. I know, I know. It’s probably not the most hygienic method but it works when you only have one free hand (always). All those sips must add up.

  9. Tommie Alaska… I think that was the name they were going to use for the Keanu Reeves character in “Point Break”, but they though Utah sounded more like a surfer.

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