Shitty Mix Tape Challenge

Paige Maguire (formerly Miss Domestic) is running a contest. It is the Shitty Mix Tape Challenge. I’ve seen a couple of the other entry’s, but those people obviously didn’t have the Jordy cd.

If I understand the rules correctly, this list must include 5 songs that I have on my hard drive, so if you will excuse me for a moment I must go into the office to my desk top computer like a suck, because I have really messed up my network this week.

Brace yourselves, you cannot even imagine what kind of nonsense Gabe and I own.

1) Jordy – It’s Tough to be a Baby

This one is available in English or French. Sweet.

Jordy was four and half years old when he topped the carts with this hit.

2) Lita Ford and Ozzy Osbourne – If I Close My Eyes Forever

You can never get enough glam metal duets.

3) ABBA – Thank You For the Music

Look, I like ABBA, but this song is just… well, listen to it.

4) Laibach – Get Back

Did you guys know that Laibach covered the entire “Let It Be” album? Poorly?

5) Saigon Kick – Love is on the Way

If I don’t win this thing, it sure isn’t for lack of trying.

This post has been edited to include the link to guy that started it all.

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  1. wow, Sarah, nice one with the Jordy! I was totally going to do a whole post about Jordy in a few weeks, but you beat me to it.

  2. You were seriously going to do a post on Jordy?

    Do you have this CD too?

    If so, you must have also worked in a recored store.

  3. I think I might have to enlist the Kaiser’s help in this one

  4. My name is Jordy, I am 4, I am small.

    Deur Deur Detra Bebe!

    Uh…pardon my French…

  5. Doh! You’re REALLY competitive!! I’m voting for you. (After I vote for myself, of course, as I’m not sure what the prize is yet. It might be something really good. ) :-)

  6. Wow. I just tried and even I can’t listen to one of these songs straight through. I keep thinking about the poor kids walking through the city with a boom box playing this mix. I bet he’d be praying for “Click, Click, Boom”.

  7. We saw Saigon Kick live at the Newport in Columbus maybe a dozen years ago. Jeromy caught a guitar pick. I can’t remember a single one of their songs.

  8. Aside from Jordy (who the ‘F’ is that?) and Laibach, I have the other three as well. Sigh. At least we’re lame together.
    BUT! They were really really cool at one time!!! Right? Maybe?

  9. NICE. though i must confess, i don’t know this jordy kid, and i’m a little scared to listen to his song. heh.

    so, WAIT. you’re in NOVA?? do you know about Rock-n-Romp?? you must come and bring your kids! my 5 year old just laughed his ass off at your twins’ bare butts! i guess that’s not really the best way to get you to come to my house, eh? heh.

  10. You know, after reading yours and a few others, I have come to the conclusion that since I actually like some of the songs on some people’s lists, I have shitty taste in music.

    hangs head in shame

  11. Heather says:

    This is a really shitty list. Nice work.

  12. Let me declare out of the gate, I am not or never have been into Germanophilia, but I take issue wih Laibach making this list. “Let It Be” is a high watermark… for Laibach and well for… former Yugoslavia.

    Get Back… Get Back… Get Back Where You Once Belong! Huuuuuuh!


  13. I am humbled by your mastery of shittitude. I’d forgotten all about that Jordy song. Years of psychotherapy, all down the drain. Thanks!

  14. I do what I can.

  15. Sarah, I shall never underestimate you again. The Jordy song…OK, good call. The Leibach album…I sorta want to get it now. But the Saigon Kick VIDEO. I’m…I’m speechless.

  16. It hurts to even try to watch, doesn’t it?

    You look at my list and think – Wow. Jordy. Laibach is bad. But when you listen to the Saigon Kick and ABBA it drives the shittiness straight home.

  17. Wow…I’m not sure I’m worthy of this level of craplitude. I think you probably win on the basis of just Jordy…

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